Welcome to My Line

My Line is a portfolio project developed to attempt to mix the themes of emerging technologies, science fiction, the natural world, & character design.

My line was originally created for a physical experience but can now be found on your personal computer since COVID-19 cancelled the show!

I hope you enjoy this site... please locate the guestbook at bottom for questions/comments about this site or my art work!

please look at this playlist to keep track of what song you are listeing to while looking at my art site ^_^

Cauliflower - Digital Painting

A Scheduled Meeting With a Bird - Digital Painting

Pearl Diver - Digital Painting

Bulb - Pencil

Floating - Watercolor

Idol - Watercolor and Pencil

Kagamoonlight - Pencil

Neiro - Mixed Media Painting

Mixed Characters, Teto, Blank, Neiro. - Digital Sketch

Goob - Oil Pastels and Marker

Kentucky Goblin - Pencil

Genki - Digital Painting

Neiro Figure - Clay Sculpture

Tamahime Sama Fairy - Digital Painting

Remilia Scarlet - Digital Painting

Swirl - Oil Pastels and marker

No Time to Be An Anime Boy - Digital Painting

Artist Bio

hello! my name is Elliot/Iris

I am a teen from Nebraska who is interested in....

Storytelling, Experience Design, Art, Anime, Gardening, Cooking...and other stuff!

Please feel free to contact me with your name and email address below!

Safe Travels!


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